Monday, February 18, 2008

How I spent my valentines
I know this lil festive has passed looong ago

But my blog
(if it can be called as such anymore due to the lack of updates...)

is whining piteously for an updates in its state of near death...

So, I'm proud to blog,

My 19th SAD (singles appreciation day) and counting.
(though I swear by Resolution 15 next year no more SADs....)

This year was pretty unexpected,

cause I woke up (yes, very very early morning....=.=)

to this sweet guy (housemate of mine)
knocking on my door and giving everyone roses.

And how did I respond to the niceness?

Three eloquent words....



Thank you...(I think this counts as four)

I was half asleep damnit!!!

I think I scared the poor guy with my lack of response...

How can I tell?
The rose was shaking mightily when he passed it to me...=.=..

I finally figured out(yesterday) which housemate that was;

Sighs, wonder if I should thank the poor guy properly
(and apologise for scaring him...)

and I got chocolates and an ang pau :D
It ain't too late for CNY, yays!


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My resolution
I know I'm a few days to late to do this..(20 days to be exact)

But I suddenly have this urge to add in another resolution (pain in the ass) to my endless list (12) of resolution (to be broken later).

13. When thou feels the need to:

a. Be anti-social
b. Self-pity (sulk more like it)
c. Depressed
d. Lonely (because I'm being anti social again)
e. Wanting

thou shall move thy lazy bum to work on that which thou has procrastinated (because there's always something which I've procrastinated on) to avoid doing the above...


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Laughing so hard it hurts like hell

Friday, January 11, 2008

my blog is a tad bit dead~

I'll update about something random...

I played ping pong for the first time today!

I ain't half bad *grins* (for my first time)

I learnt to serve and hit the ball!
and I played a match!

Guess who lost the game?
Ernest and I(doubles)

Pictures next time...
(if I remember..)

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Laughing so hard it hurts like hell

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've got five dogs
and all of them are so bloody useless....=.=

we fed them;
we bathe them;
we housed them;

and when robbers come in the night what do they do?

Sleep soundly~

Maybe we should stop feeding them to teach them a lesson =.=

Yupz, my house nearly got robbed last night.

doesn't mean it was.

Grandma woke up when she heard the NEIGHBOUR'S dogs barking....
(notice all my 5 dogs did even bat an eyelash...=.=)

she saw them and they ran...

Don't worry, I'm fine~
Was happily watching prince of tennis on my laptop while they were attempting to prise the back door open below~

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Okay Michi~

I changed the layout for you~

after I promised you~

months ago...


I hope your happy :D
I went through much effort (fufufu~)

Comments are much appreciated ---->

(That is if you still visit my blog......)


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MCR concert
..........was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!


It RAINED the whole damn way~

I couldn't even see the stage cause we were too far away and I was vertically challenged..=.=

There were maniacs stomping in front of me aka trampling on my foot~


(forgive me, it's my first concert :P)

They were great (minus the uber long wait we had before they appeared on the stage)

We sang along (cause I knew most of the lyrics anyways :P)


I bought this MCR shirt...yay~~~~~~~~~~~

It was great to be able to know nearly all the lyrics they were about to sing and sing along with them...

Sadly they started off with "This is how I disappear" which was not one of my favs..:(

but they ended it off with "Famous last words" Now THAT'S a great song...

and the second last song (which we all thought was their last) "Cancer" :-

(try to spot my horrible voice singing in there)

Sadly, I've got a few videos but they all turned out bad...
the only one that could be heard properly was "Cancer" (i think cause it's the least loud). whoopee for my sucky cam which takes sucky videos...=.=

Great songs, great songs:-

Gerard Way sang "House of the Rising Sun" and we were all baffled cause it wasn't in their album...

But in the concert, they sang

I Don't Love You
This is How I Disappear
The Sharpest Lives
House of Wolves
The Black Parade
Famous Last Words

and, two from their previous album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge"
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

They didn't sing Disenchanted and The End. Sad. I'd like to hear "The End"

There was a guitar solo from Mikey Way (I think :P) and Gerard sang a new song...

Desert something...=.=
Bad memory :P

And, here's the shirt I bought~ (so proud of it :D):-
took it off the MCR site.

I'll take a picture wearing it one day (if I remember...)

And, I got my new IC
and my mom doesn't remember she insisted that I make a new one...=.=
until later which she said, "Yar, you wanted a new IC cause you always complain the picture on it is ugly"

Which is true (in my opinion)
much more satisfied with this new one...


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Friday, November 23, 2007

My blog is so outdated...
it gives out-of-date a new meaning.....

Don't blame me, my life is so uninteresting I have nothing to blog about~

Therefore, when something interesting happens, aka the engineering fair:-
Seniors from CE, some CE juniors and mostly ME juniors along with our lecturers.

So, let's start with my project :-The Automated Parking Lot Management System
As you can see, we have Keegan passionately explaining the schematics of our project to Praveen. Let's have a close-up of the project shall we?
Ugly ain't it? We made it, and designed it and built it :P.
It's to help motorist locate vacant parking lot by use of active signs (aka the grey display board) and sensors (the red lights).
Since there's a board at the entrance that shows you exactly where the empty parking lots in the parking lot area is, you don't have to waste time going round to find it. Ingenious ain't it? (It was my idea :P)

Next, we have the project that had the most strategic location at the fair:-

The CPU cooling system

Damn nice looking right? (That's cause you can't see the close ups :P) So, this design, was to install in 3 (or was it 4..=.=) fans to eliminate the dead zones found in the CPU unit etc, etc...(not my project so I don't know much bout it :P)

AND, to your left, you have the big, brown, ugly monstrosity:-
The Solar Updraft Tower
Notice the lil black square thingy next to the green button?
Well, those lazy ppl decided to program the system to read out explanations to visitors..=.=
Press 1, for Jun King's sexy voice, press 2 for more of Jun King's sexy voice, press 3, for Jun King's ultra sexy voice and if you press all the buttons at once,

Ari's sexy voice:

(jking jking)

So I've got no pics of the team members cause they all hulk behind the big, ugly project of theirs. (except one from Edward. I'll post more pics when I get them from Joanne)

Next, to your right, ANOTHER MONSTROSITY!

Hmm...the resident doctor and Joanne with their Laundry Rack Project:-
And a few models for the clothes :P
Then, to your other right, you see a waste of space....=.=...
Oppss...I meant the Zaven and the Blind Spot (True Sight) Project..
Waste of space right...?

Then, we have the CE's project..which is to only operate a popcorn machine...

And they lure visitors with..
free popcorn, though it's mostly us ME's that take it..

And, finally, the main event and most important thing in this whole post :P

The camwhoring sessions~
First two male camwhores I've ever known....=.=

Plus in one female camwhore..

You'll get more camwhoring pics, when I get the photos from Joanne...

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